- How do you want to come across as an artist?

- bold, poetic, innovative, grand, mythic, sincere, loving, insightful, strange, unique, enlightened, playful, compelling, intelligent, cerebral, trippy, heartfelt, psychedelic, and spiritual.


- What’s the story behind the tracks/album?

- I wanted to make one of the greatest albums of all time so I met a guy named Mark Zubek and we gave it a go.


- Any life influences/ creative thoughts to do with music or life?

- We are ancient infants navigating a simulacrum where profane historical time intersects with a sacred eternal temporality

- the self and reality are fundamentally creative acts and art reawakens the imagination as the organizing complex and torque of said concepts 

- life is tragic and full of immense hardship and suffering. nirvana is however achievable

- The Jackass series is human genius at play: the radical inversion of suffering as forced debilitation into life-affirming amusement.


Unique Hooks and Stories?

- The album is a kind of interior archeological expedition of the abyss exploring and investigating if God and the soul exist; whether they can be ignited into fruition. One of the primary purposes of the album is for each individual listener to discover his/her answer(s) to that question. It is designed to be an epic hyper dimensional transmogrification of psyche and a voyage through the most fundamental and challenging pilgrimages a self-reflective human can take. There is no one correct answer or interpretation -- the album postulates the concepts and explores their veracity, but does so through an ethos of play, imagination and pataphysical possibility

- my love for poetry is as strong as my love of music and was my initial ambition. I have written for and been published in journals and I also co-created and co-founded the literary magazine COUGH. I believe the best musical artists have profound, erudite, mind-expanding lyricism

- A lot of my unusual and visually striking garb comes from the store 'Call and Response', a Toronto based innovator of fashion

- I had ambitions of being an English Literature professor and am very well read; Graduated from the University of Toronto. Realized I could have way more fun making music. 

- As a child I originally wanted to be a professional hockey player 

-  Blue Love was the first song I ever wrote: a fact I am quite proud of 

- I love video games and draw inspiration from them, specifically Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Super Mario. Sometimes sample them. 

Genre/ style labels:

(e.g. rock, psychedelic-rock, electro-pop)

-  eschatological 

-  anagogic

-  pop/rock/electronic 


What artists have you been compared to?

-  John Lennon

-  'The male Joanna Newsom'

- David Byrne / Talking Heads

- David Bowie

- Ariel Pink

- Lana Del Rey

- Sufjan Stevens 

- The Flaming Lips

- Julia Holter 

- The Arcade Fire


- Neutral Milk Hotel / Jeff Mangum 


What acts would you list as your inspirations/influences?

-  James Blake, Lana Del Rey, Joanna Newsom, Amon Tobin, Grimes, Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces, Ariel Pink, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Fever Ray, St. Vincent, Pixies, Animal Collective, Oneohtrix Point Never, Sufjan Stevens, Julia Holter, Neutral Milk Hotel / Jeff Mangum, Bob Dylan, Flying Lotus


Any notable producers/ engineers you have worked with?

-  Producer Mark Zubek (Grammy Award Winner with Betty Carter)

-  Engineer Brent Kolatalo (part of many Grammy nominations, platinum albums, etc.)


Geographical information

-  "Go where you are, boss" -- Charles Olson

- My home is Toronto Canada where I am part of a thriving arts community. 

- I grew up in a town of 3000 people called Wingham. It is where the Nobel Prize writer Alice Munro is from.

- Anything interesting about your production, style or image?

- very eclectic and idiosyncratic musically and vocally, unique stylizations and branding carefully and meticulously created with strong philosophical and poetic underpinnings (existentialism, phenomenological novelty, ontological apotheosis, transferences of satori)


- Any other amusing/ unusual/ bizarre/ tragic insights or stories/anecdotes relating to your act that could provide unique hooks?

- influenced by psychedelics

- experienced in vivid hallucinations and epiphanic spiritual revelations such as transforming into a blue otherworldly ghost, watching my hands oscillate between a newborn child and an elderly man, dying and coming back to life, etc.

- “Your suffering must become so great it cannot possibly hurt you” – Antonio Porchia