LAILIEN – 'Lail' >> Arabic >> 'Night', Phonemically 'Ail' + 'Alien' >> Semantically, "The Ailing Night Alien" i.e. The Soul

Lailien exists as a fictional character within a fictional, mythic cosmology at play: An extra-dimensional sorcerer, body-suit of Brahman, rational empiricist, fool, gender fluid ghost through darkness, historical materialist, psychopomp and trickster. Perhaps most importantly though, Lailien as a fictional character is also nobody and anonymous, a proprioceptive potentiality moving through the abyss exploring our shared condition. Just like I, Her, Him, and You. To quote the band OMC, "How bizarre.”

Lailien, anti-matter twin and alter-ego of poet Brad Shubat, is a Toronto based artist, composer, producer and director. Trained classically in piano since the age of 5, Lailien discovered a love of experimental electronic, pop, rock and jazz sounds that fuel his creative imagination. Lailien composes, writes the lyrics for, and co-produces his music with Grammy winner Mark Zubek -- sonically the result is something immediately intimate and gratifying yet new and exciting. Lailien makes what he calls 'Eschatological Tunes': Music not for some looming cessation of time, but to reveal time's openings in an already omnipresent and accessible end in itself. For Lailien such ends, which are also always beginnings, are where one's immediate nexus of space and time is given pre-eminence as a peculiar and particular mode of attention engaged with the immediacy of incarnate experience's full fledged wonder via highly charged sonic and linguistic apparatuses. With a strong foundation in poetry and philosophy, Lailien writes in a lyrical register that reveals the common foundational absence that unites each self with its greater spirit. Through this space of negation, powerful emotive currents gesture towards and awaken a multidimensional orientation of body, psyche and soul. Lailien opens our historical moment into an intersecting connection with eternity, knowing that the profane and sacred share hidden connections while the culturally sanctioned trance is currently inadequate.  

Artistic influences include: Virginia Woolf, Charles Olson, Amon Tobin, Giorgio Agamben, Animal Collective, Charles Mingus, Kendrick Lamar, St. Vincent, Michael Boughn, Julia Holter, Koji Kondo, Jean Luc Nancy, Shabazz Palaces, Paul Mooney, Jean Baudrillard, The Velvet Underground, Madvillain, Judith Butler, Pixies, Fever Ray, Talking Heads, David Lynch, Karl Marx, Deerhunter, Marshall McLuhan, Buddha, Taylor Swift, Oneohtrix Point Never, Grant Morrison, Lana Del Rey, Pink Floyd, Pavement, Lil B, Federico Fellini, Charles Darwin, Ishmael Reed, Radiohead, William Carlos Williams, Michael Jordan, John Lennon, Joanna Newsom, Neutral Milk Hotel, Grimes, Terence Mckenna, Emily Dickinson, Shigeru Miyamoto, Ingmar Bergman, Christopher Hitchens, The Dalai Lama, Death Grips, Philip Glass, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kathy Acker, William Blake, JK Rowling, Deerhoof, David Bowie, Kanye West, Ariel Pink, Julianna Barwick, Alan Watts, Tim & Eric, Anohni, Brian Wilson, Wayne Gretzky, My Bloody Valentine, The Doors, Beyonce, The Field, Franz Kafka, James Blake, Alfred Jarry, Black Dice, Gertrude Stein, David Foster Wallace, The Lord, and many more.