What’s the story behind the album?

I wanted to make a powerfully transformational album and redefine the possibilities of contemporary pop music so I met a GRAMMY winning producer named Mark Zubek and we gave it a go. Written and recorded over a 5+ year timespan, ENSŌULAR (a triple pun of ensō-soul-solar) is an epic of immense delight, love and dis(en)closure. It’s an ode to language, imagination and self (or lack thereof) as multiplicity. At 26 songs total – one song for every letter of the alphabet — conceptually ENSŌULAR is designed like the alphabet to be recited in order whilst at the same time enabling the listener to scramble song sequences according to their mood. The scrambling of songs are designed to nevertheless cohere just like how re-sequenced letters formulate pathways in language, the re-arrangement of 26 building blocks of reality building novel semantic proliferations. Just like how some words are comprised of only a few letters while other times letters become increasingly meaningful within a larger conglomerate, listeners are encouraged to explore songs in a completely creative manner according to their whims and temporal listening constraints. In any case, each song has been carefully made to create a transformational and illuminating experience for the audience. Every letter is an entry point to a beginning, end and conjunctive tissue expressing both fragment and totality: the occasion of each song occurs as such too.

ENSŌULAR is an exploration of the deepest, most pressing existential concerns of the human condition at our particular moment of historical crisis. It is both the recorded trace of my exploration and the archeological expedition itself for the listener to experience firsthand. I wrote it to no longer be contained by conventionally sanctioned expectations of existence and metaphysical structures because culture has failed us. Simultaneously, the music needed to bring joy and vivification to anyone who actually listened to it while honouring the material basis and very real struggles of everyday reality. What is the album’s endgame? For me it was nothing short of actualizing the soul in place of and as the material world and perpetually achieving nirvana in the process. Life is immensely difficult and tragic but art can catalyze, transform and heal in utterly revelatory, enlightening ways that re-integrate one with an understanding of the divine. That’s what my favourite artists, philosophers, poets and friends gifted me and what I seek to offer in return.