What’s the story behind the album?

I wanted to make one the greatest albums of all time and redefine the possibilities of contemporary music so I met a GRAMMY winning producer named Mark Zubek and we gave it a go. Written and recorded over a 5+ year timespan, ENSOULAR (a triple pun of enso-soul-solar) is an epic of immense delight, love and toil. It’s a double album, 26 songs total -- one song for every letter of the alphabet. It’s an ode to language, imagination and self as multiplicity. Creating it, I went through period of intense psychedelic experimentation. I was doing weed edibles 365 days a year. At one point I took 5G of psilocybin magic mushrooms for everyday for 30 consecutive days. I needed to know if God and the soul existed — it was urgent to me. I had to be brutally honest with myself and discover my fate. I read a lot of poetry and philosophy and took the plunge. ENSOULAR is an exploration of the deepest, most pressing existential concerns of the human condition at our particular moment of historical crisis. It is both the archeological expedition itself and the recorded trace of my exploration. I wrote it to no longer be contained by conventionally sanctioned semantics and metaphysical structures because culturally they have failed us. Simultaneously, I knew I had to make something that would bring joy and vivification to anyone who actually listened to it. What is the album’s endgame? Nothing short of actualizing one’s salvation and achieving nirvana. Life is immensely difficult and tragic but art can catalyze, transform and heal in utterly revelatory, enlightening ways. That’s what my favourite artists gifted me and what I seek to offer in return.