"Next year’s greatest album… an instant classic… Lailien’s debut album, Ensoular, is released in 2019 but, rather like Sun Ra, perhaps it’s already been available for millennia in some corners of the universe. It’s sharp, catchy, angular, and fucking amazing." -- Sonic News Blog

“It really has the impression of this sort of astro-angelic guide leading you through this bizarre fractured cosmos… Dante’s Paradisio on LSD” – Tim Alberdingk Thijm, Princeton Academy

“Mesmerizing” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Music that is transcendent, disorientating, metaphysical but most of all - bloody brilliant!” – Indie Crush

"“The album sounds like capitalism did too much acid and then happily decided to beat itself to death in space. I love it.” – Arshile Egoyan, Toronto artist and writer